Ghostbusters (2016) review



Despite the controversy surrounding it, I went into the new Ghostbusters film with an open mind and found it immensely enjoyable. I’ve not left a movie being so happy in awhile. It might not be the best film of the year, but it’s certainly one of the most fun. I left the theatre with great vibes. It was a really fun blockbuster.

The main cast is brilliant so much so that I have trouble choosing who my favorite of the new Ghostbusters is. I loved Kate McKinnon as Holtzmann. She stole the show and brought a lot of energy and character to the role. She was delightfully weird and awesome. Leslie Jones was also great as Patty. I liked that she was more of a historian than a scientist. Whereas Winston (the original black Ghostbuster) joined just because a job was open, Patty brings a unique aspect to the team with her knowledge of New York history. Kristen Wiig also gave a really good performance as Erin Gilbert, a physics teacher and old friend of Abby (McCarthy). She was especially good in scenes with McCarthy and Kevin (Hemsworth). Speaking of Melissa McCarthy, I actually found her to be the weakest of the new team. She wasn’t bad by any means and, as I stated, she was really good with Kristen Wiig and has some funny gags with the soup delivery man. On her own though, I didn’t find her as strong as the other three Ghostbusters.

Chris Hemsworth was really funny in the role of Kevin, the dumb secretary. Hemsworth displays great range, doing just as good with comedy as with drama. Kevin was hilarious and an interesting gender role reversal.

Neil Casey was adequate as Rowan North, the film’s antagonist. He’s a fun over the top villain. Andy García was also funny as the Mayor. I loved the Jaws references and restaurant scene (which included a fun homage to the original Ghostbusters). The cameos were fun, but I could’ve done without them. Ernie Hudson and Sigourney Weaver were funny in small scenes  but they could’ve easily been different actors. Bill Murray’s was especially excessive. I could’ve taken one scene, but I felt the second was a bit much. I did think that casting him as a skeptic was somewhat ironic, considering his feelings on a third original cast Ghostbusters.

Overall, Ghostbusters is a really fun film. While it does take them a while to start busting ghosts, I didn’t actually mind this, as I loved the characters and enjoyed getting to know them.  I liked how it was different than the original. Too many remakes try to be the original and that’s why they fail. It’s just the same story again. Ghostbusters tells a new one that I really enjoyed. On the whole the film is a really fun blockbuster that I may just have to see again. This incarnation of bustin’ made me feel good!