Doctor Who: The Widow’s Assassin review


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If you are a fan of Doctor Who, New, Old anywhere in between, Big Finish’s audio range based on the show is highly recommended. They use Doctors four through eight in their productions and are quite frankly fantastic. The one we are looking at today is in the famed Sixth Doctor range. This range is the most popular among the fandom, second only to the eighth doctor ones ( which have great reason to be most popular since McGann only got one movie and a mini-sode as the Doctor). This story concerns the question of what happened to Peri, which has been long questioned by Whovians. Let me recap. Peri was a companion of the Sixth Doctor for all but two of his serials. Her last serial, Mindwarp, is among Colin’s best as the Doctor, and has a really awesome ending that I won’t spoil here. It also has Brian Blessed in it, so it’s automatically awesome. But a couple serials later, in the last episode, it is all contradicted. And so here we get a definite explanation for what happened to her. Nicola Bryant is back as Peri and she slips right back in the role. She is great in the role, and I would go as far as to say better realized here than in the show.  Colin Baker steals the show as usual, and has a really good entrance at the beginning of the story. His scenes with Peri are really good as well. My favorite character here has to be Constable Wolsey, the half man, half goat, played by Tim Chipping. He is just so fun, and Mr. Chipping has a fantastic voice and he brings a lot of character to the rule. Also good are Andrew Dickens and John Banks as Guard one and Guard two. They are very lovable characters and provide some simple laughs. Their friendship with the Doctor is also fun to listen to. The story’s music is also really good. Simple, but that it’s still really good and adds to the fun mood of the story. Overall The Widow’s Assassin is a really good audio drama and writer Nev Fountain is really good at writing characters, not only ones he created, but also recurring characters, such as The Doctor and Peri. It also has a whole bunch of great twists near the end. In conclusion, check this story out as it’s a great place to start if you are trying to get into Big Finish-but before you listen you should watch The Trial of a Timelord.