The Avengers: From Venus With Love review 

From Venus With Love started the fifth series of The Avengers, and was the first episode to be broadcast in color. The show had become successful in the states after Series 4, and thus was backed by ABC during for this series till the next.(and last) With this extended budget, they not only got better special effects, but they also started filming in color. Another addition is the new titles, which I find to be superb and are probably my favorite variant of them.(although the series 6 knight one comes a close second.) I just love the quirkiness, and how well Macnee and Rigg work together without any dialogue.

Steed and Peel investigate the deaths of three astronomers, all of whom where found dead and rapidly ages, with white dust sprinkled on them. They find one thing in common. They are all part of a astronomy club devoted to Venus. Steed and Peel join the club, and must find out who- or what is causing these deaths.

This episode has everything you could want from an Avengers episode. A fantastical plot, eccentric characters, and great interplay between Steed and Peel. To start with, the episode’s plot is very engaging, and keeps you guessing what is the cause throughout. The episode has a host of fun characters, including the eye doctor, the art collector who locks himself in a cell with his art every day, Bert the chimney sweep, and the Brigadier who records himself reenacting battles he fought in in the past. Incidentally, the Brigadier is played by Jon Pertwee. Interesting to see him playing the Brigadier for once;) Steed and Peel also work well together,(as usual) and the scenes in the beginning with them investigating the bodies are the highlight of this. They also work well separately, especially Steed, who gets on capitally with the eye doctor. The sets are also really nice, and although it can be apparent that they are in studio, they still look really awesome. Paticuarally the grave yard scenes and the exteriors of the eye doctor’s offices.

In the end, From Venus with love is a near perfect Avengers episode. The plot is fantastic, the characters are really fun, and Steed and Peel are in top form.