Doctor Who, Paradise Towers (story 145) Review

Paradise Towers (1)

The main problem with Paradise Towers is that it’s part of season 24. Let me back it up. When it came time for Peter Davison’s Doctor regenerated, the production team thought that after the very light Peter Davison era they should take the show in a different and more dark turn with Colin Baker’s era. After one season, a bastard named Michael Grade gave the show the axe, which he had been trying to do for a while. When the show came back, after eighteen months it was a condensed season. After that Grade ordered that unless Colin Baker was fired and the show went into a more child friendly style, the show would be canceled. John Natan Turner, The show runner at the time, was willing to do anything to keep the show on air. And so these where done, and season 24 became one of the worst series of Doctor Who, not only at the time, but to this date! And so we come to Paradise Towers. The second story of the season. What do I think? Well for staters, this is Sylvester McCoy’s second story, and as usual he does a great job. That’s the thing about Doctor Who, even if the script is bad, the actors usually do their best, and this episode is a great example….. or is it? As I explained earlier, this season was meant to be more child-friendly, which is why McCoy (an actor who specialized in children’s shows at the time) was cast. As time went on, he proved that he could do more with the role, but in his first season, he does what was standard for him at the time. He jumps around and says his fair share of silly lines, but all is done quite well. Bonnie Langford plays Mel and….. doesn’t really do a thing. She runs, she screams, she gets attacked by psycho old women(more on that later.) but other than that, really does nothing. The Tangs (played by various actors) are teenage girls who help The Doctor learn about (and later take down) Paradise Towers. The Doctor works surprisingly well with them, but the main problem is how annoying they are. I don’t really know how to describe it. They shout dumb things (“Ice-hot doctor!” Crap like that.) and make me want to pull my hair out! Don’t even get me started on the “Rezzies.” They have no plot significance until part four, before which they just torture Mel. Pex is another over the top character. He tries his best to be a hero, but is a coward. In the end he sacrifices himself, and proves to be a hero. The only character arc here. The caretakers of Paradise Towers are no better. Loud and obnoxious, they do everything by a rule book, and never contradict the rules. ┬áThis seems like it may be a satire of very religious people, and while I do think it is a funny idea on paper, it feels out of place here. The Chief Caretaker has gotten a lot of stick in recent years, but I personally don’t find him as annoying as everyone else. But still annoying. However,when he gets possessed in the end he becomes one of the worst parts of the story. The cleaner robots are the best part about the story, and even then they don’t have that much to do. They look cool. That’s about it. The music is also good, but misused. On the whole, Paradise Towers could’ve worked, if they gave it a bit more of a serious tone. Which is why I think it would have been better on season 25. What where’re left with is an okay episode. Not horrible, but not great either. Not recommended.