Doctor Who: The Space Museum (story no. 15) review


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The Space Museum kicks off with a fantastic first episode. The episode has a great air of mystery, and Hartnell is fantastic in it. The main characters wandering through the museum is one of the highlights of the episode, with the Dalek part being great. Another highlight is with the Doctor telling Ian that it’s not time for a game of Cowboys and Indians when he picks up a gun.  The cliffhanger is fantastic, with great acting and the hardcore sci-fi of it is great! The rest… is good… but not as memorable as part one. Hartnell still shines, but does not have as many memorable scenes. About halfway through the story, he even gets captured and almost turned into and exhibit. During this time we get some pretty entertaining scenes with Ian fighting Morocks, but the story doesn’t really get that much more entertaining again until part four, which is almost as good as part one. It isn’t as good, but Hartnell is still really good, with a great part when he says he’s taking theTime-Space Visualiser with him in the TARDIS, and calls it a souvenir. In the end, Hartnell gives what is one of his best performances to date. The Morocks are the stories villain, and to be honest, there’s nothing wrong with them, they’re just boring. They are all just stoat men with bride of frankenstein hair and white tunics. They have some okay moments, but are only memorable because of their wacky costumes. The Morocks are trying to be taken down by the youthful Xerons, who have little to do with the plot. Seriously, they really do nothing except plot out  a revolt, and occasionally help the TARDIS crew. But once the end comes and they scare the Morocks off with their weapons, then they sort of become significant again. The Xerons are just blond boys, and not that much can be said about them, they are about as boring as the Morocks. The idea of a museum of artifacts from all different galaxies is cool, and reminds me of the marvel character The Collector. However, not as much is done with that concept. The first episode has a cool science-y feel, and then two and three are mostly the Morocks and Xerons story, and then part four is a mix of both.  I think the episode would have been better if it was just the TARDIS crew going through the museum, like in part one. In the end, The Space Museum has a pretty weak plot, but the acting of the TARDIS crew, especially Hartnell, who is great, makes it worth it. If you aren’t a die-hard fan, this probably isn’t one that you should check out. But if you are, defiantly, as it shows Hartnell at his best, and Ian at his semi-best.


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