Gotham: Thoughts thus far

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After just watching the second episode of Gotham, I think I can safely say that it was better than the first, but still retained some of the issues that boggled the first episode down a bit. But what have I thought of the show as a whole thus far? Well, I’ve liked it. Ben McKenzie is a solid Gordon, not as good as Gary Oldman’s portrayal. Donal Logue is good as Bollock (His name makes me chuckle, Bollock 😉 and has a very strong presence. David Mozouz is good as Bruce Wayne, but hasn’t had much to do yet. After all, this is only two episodes, so I’m trying to still be open-minded. Also Featured is Sean Pertwee (Son of Jon Pertwee, of Doctor Who fame) as Alfred Pennyworth. So far he’s been good, and it’s been great seeing Sean. He looks just like his old man…except with a more laid back hairstyle. He so far has also proved to be good, being a nurturing fatherly, and when necessary, he does raise his voice. To name the rest of the cast I would be up all night, but a standout so far for me has been Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot. I find his version of the penguin to be a breath of fresh air, something new as it were, after a long line of fat, stout, nicely dressed, pipe smoking Penguins. (I’m not talking Devito here, more so the animated Penguins) He looks the part, and has been very creepy, and I feel the tension when he’s around. So with this solid cast, what has let the show down so far? Well, I have to say part of it is the cast. There are too many characters. I think that this was a mainly a issue with the pilot. Did we really need to see Edward Nygma as the coroner? It felt sort of pointless. Having poison Ivy’s dad being the suspect, It all made Gotham seem a bit more small than It actually is. Another problem I have is it’s getting a bit X-Men First Class-like with the names. I find it really forced that everyone thinks that Cobblepot walks like a Penguin. Look! We Get it! We know! Ha, Ha!!! Selina Kyle Insisting on being called Cat can also seem like a bit much, but it does sort of give them a good reason why she would call herself Cat Woman, so I guess it’s not that horrible.  Also why are they pronucing Falcone with a silent with a silent, ‘E?’ Actually, I’m not sure if that’s how it’s supposed to sound, and if they were saying it wrong in the Nolan films.  Another problem Io9 pointed out was that the whole purpose of Gotham is too show the city decay, to the point were Batman has to come in. So what, are we going to see Jim Gordon fail? I actually would find this to be interesting. Gordon is working so at doing his best, what if by the end of the series, it just becomes too much. Although that would be a cool place to go with the character, I’m not sure how true to the comics it would be. But all of that aside, these episodes, while not great, have been enjoyable enough. A fun little show to watch on Monday nights. The second episode was an improvement over the first, and I hope that’s a pattern that will stay prominent.